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Peter Mollins

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Peter brings to KnowledgeTree 15 years of experience marketing technology companies in an international setting. At Micro Focus he was head of product marketing across the Application Management and Quality division, which was created from the acquisition of Borland plus Compuware's ASQ division. Previously, he drove marketing for Relativity Technologies, where he was responsible for product and corporate marketing. He has held a variety of marketing roles in Europe and the US with Netscape, iMediation, and TogetherSoft. He holds a Masters of International Management from Thunderbird.

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  • Tools To Target The Right Leads in Marketing Daily on 12/27/2013

    Sales and marketing professionals have a finite set of resources and should not spend time pursuing unqualified leads. Is the prospect too large, too small, in the wrong industry, or lacking other attributes that would make it a worthwhile target? Fortunately, there are tools that can help you better target your sales efforts, which primarily fall into two categories: Market Intelligence Tools and Lead Quality Tools.

  • Sales Tools To Meet Every Challenge in Marketing Daily on 11/26/2013

    For sales managers and sales teams, the right tools can be the difference between hitting quotas and missing them. Apply the right solution to the appropriate challenge, and you will find that new doors open up.

  • Your Sales Technology In A Box in Marketing Daily on 10/24/2013

    Sales leaders need tips on how to select the right tools -- their own "Sales Technology in a Box," whether they are starting a new sales team, ramping up a sales team, or looking to boost the production of an existing sales team. Start with your challenges and work forward from there. You're investing in tools to make money and solve problems. That's how you sell to your prospects; so you should do the same. Sales leader, heal thyself.

  • Empower New Salespeople To Deliver Quickly in Marketing Daily on 09/18/2013

    Your sales team needs to be equipped up front with a rich understanding of the difficulties faced by prospects. They need to be able to communicate effectively around those issues -- and to internalize them so that communication is authentic.

  • Content Selling: The Vendor Landscape in Marketing Daily on 07/09/2013

    Just as content marketing has revolutionized B2B sales, content selling is becoming a standard practice for sales teams. Sales teams are leveraging content as a powerful tool to help advance engagement and close deals. Content selling is not simply a concept or a buzzword. It is a sales enablement approach -- a way to buttress the trusted advisory status of salespeople.

  • Building A Successful Sales Onboarding Program in Marketing Daily on 08/07/2013

    You've got a growing company and growing expectations for your revenue numbers. So you want effective salespeople who are productive -- fast. But if your onboarding program is too slow, too rigid or nonexistent, you won't see results for a long time. Here are several onboarding strategies that cover motivation, goals and targets.

  • The Rise Of Content Selling in Marketing Daily on 06/05/2013

    Marketers today have learned how content builds awareness and accelerates customers though the sales funnel, and sales teams are becoming increasingly reliant on content as a powerful tool. This is content selling -- and sales organizations need to place their focus here as they leverage the valuable lessons of content marketing.

  • What Is Your Biggest Marketing Spend? in Marketing Daily on 04/18/2013

    Why are marketing teams spending more on collateral than public relations, social media, advertising, or other programs? And what does it mean for CMOs when they consider this largest budget item?

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