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Keith Eadie

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  • Persuasion Is Not Measured By Clicks  in Video Insider on 04/09/2013

    Americans love post-election scuttlebutt, and there is no shortage of pundits eager to fill the demand. The marketing community in particular enjoys dissecting major elections, assessing what worked and what did not to see if there are implications for their brand. One takeaway from the 2012 election that made the rounds recently is that the Obama for America outspent Romney for President on display advertising. While this is interesting, marketers could draw the wrong conclusions from this data.

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  • Is Programmatic The Future Or The Now? by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 10/24/2013)

    Count me as one of those people that have a stake in the adoption of programmatic, but when it comes to video, both. One thing is clear: software-driven buying is taking an increasing share of video ad budgets. Forrester predicts that one in four video ads will be programmatically bought by the end of 2014. But in many ways, we are just beginning to see what is possible as we enter a data-driven age where brand advertising intersects with technology. Given the inherent advantages in workflow and campaign effectiveness, it is likely that the majority of TV ads will be bought by software within 10 years, but the transition will be gradual at first.

  • The ABCs Of DSPs by Jason Burke (Video Insider on 02/23/2012)

    As the only DSP built exclusively for video, TubeMogul spends A LOT of time perfecting our brand protection and optimization capabilities. And we agree with Jason these things are really hard to do – and that many of the display DSPs adding video to their platforms are not delivering what brands really need. But for someone from Tremor – who is notorious for not telling clients where their video ads actually ran – to talk about DSPs falling short on brand safety is galling. But instead of protesting in a comment thread, we want to make this real. In lieu of an independent ratings organization for video advertising we want to suggest borrowing from our very own marketing industry and instituting a “Pepsi Challenge for Brand Safety.” We all agree this is an important issue so why not get some real answers and have some fun doing it? Since Tremor Video is the largest video ad network and makes the boldest claims about its ‘SE2 brand safety technology’ let’s start by pitting them against us. From reading their website this is a David versus Goliath matchup for Tremor: "For five years and counting, we’ve been perfecting one voracious algorithm to see deeper and learn more about your ideal viewer and the total environment before your ad is served. This type-A workhorse continuously adjusts its learnings based on massive amounts of real-time data – not flat ratings or static site lists – to drive brand lift or clicks or whatever metric you’ve chosen." Here’s how the challenge would work. Tremor picks a place, a time and a judge – we recommend an independent journalist that covers the industry. The judge will assemble a large list of URL’s to be given to the challengers only once the event has started. Since SE2 works in real-time, both companies will input the URL’s into their respective technologies, analyze the sites and provide feedback during the event. The judge will compare the brand signals provided by Tremor and TubeMogul to see which company was more complete and accurate. You see, we believe that Tremor’s SE2 technology is a real as the unicorns on its site. Whereas we have invested time and money building a brand safety solution that is accountable and measurable for all to see, just like everything we do. Tremor, you’ve been called out, are you up for the challenge?

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