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Peter Storck

Member since March 2003Contact Peter

  • Co-Founder Points North Group
  • New York
  • 10538 USA

Peter Storck has been helping top brands—from Unilever and GM to Disney and Google—understand technology’s impact on marketing effectiveness for more than twenty years, starting at Jupiter Research (acquired by Forrester), where at the start of the consumer Internet he launched the firm’s online advertising practice, the first of its kind in the world. He later became President of Jupiter, helping build it into a $65 million syndicated research business. Since 2009 Peter has specialized in measuring the effectiveness of influencer marketing. He headed up analytics at two leading influencer platforms, House Party (2009-2015) and Crowdtap (2015-2017), where he led multiple groundbreaking studies, quantifying campaign ROI through shopper data and matched panel analyses. And he served two terms on the Board of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA, acquired by the ANA), where he spearheaded several landmark initiatives, including the "Return on Word of Mouth" study (2014), which used market mix modeling to quantify WOM's impact for leading brands in major sectors; the Media Rating Council's "Social Measurement Guidelines" (2015), which set the foundation for industry standards; and "WOMMA Measurement Guidelines" (2017), which further standardized metrics and practices. Now in 2018, having reconstituted Points North Group, the consultancy he founded in 2002, Peter is helping brands get accurate, standardized measures of their influencer marketing, enabling apples-to-apples comparison across platforms and partners, ferreting out waste and fraud, and maximizing ROI. Prior to his work in media and marketing research, Peter served on state and national political campaigns and was an advisor in Congress. He also taught writing at Columbia University. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, a columnist in trade press, and a quoted source for media. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial & Labor Relations from Cornell University.

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  • MRC's Social Guidelines Mark A Coming Of Age For Social Media in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 09/28/2015

    For the first time, social-media practitioners will be held to common standards that have been codified by the MRC and marketing's most influential bodies - including WOMMA, the IAB and the 4As - and more than 70 agencies and solutions providers.

  • 'Dunkin' in the Dark' Doesn't Hold A Candle To Real Product Experience in Marketing Daily on 06/20/2013

    Experience-driven social marketing has resulted in stunning success for brands. Although the lessons from the year's biggest social marketing story -- Oreo's "Dunkin' in the Dark" Twitter coup -- have become marketing gospel, new research shows that the most powerful word of mouth, both online and off, is driven by hands-on product experience. So get your advocates dunkin' in the dark for real.

  • All Earned Media Is Not Created Equal in Marketing Daily on 05/15/2013

    Experience-driven social marketing has the power and reach to both build brand and drive sales as well as -- or better than -- all other channels, resulting in deeper engagement for more persuasive and far-reaching advocacy and bigger lifts in branding and sales.

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