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  • 6 Tips For Naming Your Amazing New Clean-tech Product in Marketing: Green on 09/24/2014

    The inventors and engineers have spent years perfecting product X. It's a giant leap forward in solving a common consumer problem - and it's clean, green and sustainable. Now you have to go to market. What should you name this amazing new thing? Making the right decision could mean the difference between a billion dollar payday down the road, or a complete fizzle. Nobody remembers two innovative short video sharing sites from the '90s - Atom films and iFilms. YouTube took over their business models and became a phenomenon in no small measure because it's name spoke to people. Tesla makes great electric vehicles, but so does Nissan. But the Tesla name evokes pioneering genius (can you tell how badly I want one?).

  • What Sells In U.S.: Products That Are Simply Better (And Happen To Be Greener, Too) in Marketing: Green on 08/27/2014

    In a recent survey of American consumer attitudes, "green" came in dead last on the list of valuable brand attributes. Of countries surveyed, the U.S. continues to rank as the least sustainable on the Greendex. The simple truth is this: if you want to sell sustainability in America, don't lead with sustainability.

  • Food Waste Is A Communications Problem in Marketing: Green on 07/23/2014

    While my mom always told me to "clean my plate" and not waste food - including the Brussels sprouts I attempted to hide under my napkin - we Americans throw out 40% of our total food supply. That's a staggering amount of food, when you think about it. Picture the typical 18-wheel truck hauling food from state to state, and nearly half of each truck going straight to a landfill. Now think about how much clean water it took to grow the vegetables, or feed the cows and chickens (at a time when water in our best farming regions is increasingly scarce). And let's not forget the oil and gas used to transport the food. Or the electricity to refrigerate it. Or the millions of Americans who go hungry every day. That 40% of wasted food supply has a large ripple effect through our economy and environment.

  • 'Tackling' Climate Change in Marketing: Green on 06/25/2014

    How a single word helped catalyze global action, and what today's green marketers can learn from it.

  • Want To Show How Green You Are? Stab Your Competition In Public in Marketing: Green on 05/28/2014

    Picture this bit of environmental nostalgia: a Native American in a canoe paddling down a polluted, trash-ridden stream; he pauses at the end to weep for the camera. Now cut to 1990s gauzy ad campaigns with families picnicking in lush green parks, puppies and children frolicking in overtly happy and healthy ways, as wind turbines spin in the background. Each of these approaches is cut from the same mold, the message laid on as thick as hearty Vermont maple syrup, "We all have to band together to protect our precious environment."

  • Climate Change Denier's Estate Could Go Underwater - Literally in Marketing: Green on 03/26/2014

    On Wednesday the Obama administration announced a new website created with data visualization tools to make it easier for Americans to see the effects of climate change on their communities that are all but certain to occur within the coming years. True to a government-made website, is hard to use, but after a bit of tinkering I was able to find an interesting mapping tool that showed the likely impact of sea level rise on coastal communities.

  • The Green Tea Party Movement in Marketing: Green on 02/26/2014

    Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh just got married.

  • How To Sell Clean Energy And Green Products When They Cost Less in Marketing: Green on 01/22/2014

    Marketing clean energy or any green product has always had to rely on overcoming the fact that the consumer would pay more.

  • Why Does Eco-friendly Coffee Taste Better To Eco-friendly People? in Marketing: Green on 12/26/2013

    It turns out "green washing" is also green tasting. According to a new study, people who self-identified as environmentalists preferred the taste of coffee labeled "eco-friendly" to the exact same coffee that didn't carry that label.

  • How To Get People To Reuse Their Hotel Towels in Marketing: Green on 11/27/2013

    And what this means for greater changes in society.

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  • How To Brand A Hydrogen-Fuel Cell-Powered Car by Ted Page (Marketing: Green on 07/24/2013)

    Chase and Ford, thank you for reading my post about branding hybrid electric cars. By way of response, I want to point you to something that's in the news today (three months after my post), about Toyota's new hydrogen concept car. The name of their concept car is a placeholder at this stage ("FCV concept"), but they designed the car itself to resemble a drop of water. Toyota's designers and marketers have validated my point: the fact that water is the only exhaust from this type of technology should be central to how it is presented to a consumer audience.

  • Telling The EV Story: Why Building More Charging Stations Won't Boost EV Sales by Ted Page (Marketing: Green on 10/24/2013)

    Loren, Thank you for the thoughtful feedback and insights. Having more choice in EVs will certainly help. And there are clearly a range of other important factors limited the real potential of EVs. Most of this seems to come down to economics in some way. Ted

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