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Scott Jones

Member since March 2006Contact Scott

  • Chairman/CEO ChaCha
  • 1150 West 116th Street
  • Carmel Indiana
  • 46032 USA

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  • How Technology Has Increased Our Access to Information and Answers - Not All of Them Right in Real-Time Daily on 09/16/2013

    For all of the modern world -- and increasingly in lesser developed countries -- technology, particularly mobile access to the Internet, has removed traditional obstacles to information. There was a time when a bookshelf in nearly every home in America had encyclopedias, dictionaries, Almanacs and various other specialty reference books on hobbies and interests such as gardening, cooking, auto repair and even child-rearing. Big projects required a trip to the local library where the Dewey Decimal system - learned under duress in every elementary school - came in pretty handy.

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