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Friday, June 2, 2017
  • Audience Science Closes Shop Less Than A Month After Loss Of P&G

    The volatility in ad tech continues: Audience Science is closing less than a month after it lost longtime client Procter & Gamble. Read the whole story

  • Can Google Combat 'Annoying' Digital Ads?

    Google has told publishers it will be adding an ad blocker to its Chrome browser next year to filter out the most annoying video … Read the whole story

  • Audience Buying Delivers People, Not Safety

    Programmatic technology and automation swept through the industry in the past half-decade, shifting the buying focus to audience while diminishing the importance of content … Read the whole story

  • #FreeMelania

    I am not a psychologist, although I claim to my kids that a lifetime of experience gives me insights that ought to be at … Read the whole story

  • Unleashing The Power Of Programmatic Advertising Needs The Right Art, Science

    One factor driving the success of programmatic is the ability to select the audience you think will be most interested in your ad, and … Read the whole story

  • Data, Art, Engineering

    Data technology, like rising water, has flooded online advertising -- but many can't swim. It's time to get serious, folks - because now, data … Read the whole story

  • Meeker: Mobile Ad Growth Is Rising

    Mobile advertising growth increased 22% from 20% in 2015, according to digital guru Mary Meeker. Internet ad spend in the U.S. reached $73 billion, … Read the whole story