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Tuesday, May 30, 2017
  • Centro Adds 1,000+ Private Marketplace Deals To Its DSP

    Centro, the digital advertising software provider, has announced the launch of a curated private marketplace directory containing over 1,000 deals from more than 150 … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Internet Continues To Expand, Drives Incremental Use Of All Media

    Mobile Internet usage now represents more than a quarter of the total time spent with media, according to an updated forecast released this morning … Read the whole story

  • Marketing Automation Will Hit $7.63 Billion By 2025: Report

    Marketing automation software -- the kind that fuels email campaigns -- will become a $7.6 billion market from now to 2025, a report says. Read the whole story

  • Facebook Opens Up About Content-Policing Problems

    Responding to fresh revelations about its content policy, Facebook is further conceding that, yes, policing about a billion people's daily interactions is hard. Read the whole story

  • Global Media Spend Up 7.2%, Tops Consumer Price Gains

    Digital media content and tech comprised nearly 70% of overall global consumer spending on all media content and tech (traditional and digital) in 2016, … Read the whole story

  • Digital Media Imperative: Stop Bot Fraud Before It Can Happen

    Advertiser money lost to bot fraud is the biggest impediment to digital media being optimized for trustworthy, transparent uses and positive, measurable brand outcomes. … Read the whole story