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Friday, May 26, 2017
  • Study Shows 3% Of Sources Cause 68% Of Ad Fraud

    A new study by fraud detection company Fraudlogix finds that a majority of ad fraud is concentrated in a small percentage of sources within … Read the whole story

  • Ad-Tech Product And Partnership News: Week Of May 22

    Cuebiq, TabMo, Datorama and Eyeota were among the ad-tech firms making news the week of May 22. Read the whole story

  • Time To 'Do More Digital' -- But Rationally, Not Blindly

    You read and hear it everywhere in the ad and marketing world: Do more digital. I've been in digital advertising since the early 1990s, … Read the whole story

  • VideoAmp/Mediaocean Team For Integration Linear TV Planning Deal

    The deal is for the upfront and scatter markets. It will allow "programmatic" optimization and targeting across brands using Mediaocean's and VideoAmp's software. Media … Read the whole story

  • Pervasiveness Of Video In The New Media Landscape

    If your video doesn't tell a story that engages your customers and influences their decisions, well then it doesn't matter what else you've done. Read the whole story

  • Overkill On Hold: Facebook's Delayed Video Plans

    Later than sooner, Facebook will become yet another content provider, veering into a business that at the moment seems pretty overfilled. Read the whole story