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Avi Goldwerger

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Avi Goldwerger is the Vice President of Marketing at Integral Ad Science, the leading global provider of actionable advertising intelligence data for buyers and sellers of digital media. Most recently, Avi was VP Marketing at Solve Media, an engagement technology company; and Chief Marketing Officer at Oddcast, a pioneer in social media and viral marketing. Previously, Avi held key marketing positions at large brands, including marketing of HBO’s Special Interest DVD titles, and has managed some of L’Oreal’s leading hair color brands. Prior to that, Avi worked at leading advertising agencies McCann and Bates.

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  • Digital & Politics: Seizing The Right Ad Opportunities in Marketing: Politics on 12/15/2015

    The promise of digital advertising is the ability to reach the right person with the right message in the right environment. Good news for candidates with a digital presence, particularly in programmatic buying, this promise can be realized at an affordable price point while yielding quantifiable results.

  • Opening A Can Of Bots - Defining Digital Fraud in Real-Time Daily on 11/15/2013

    By serving an ad to a non-human or by having an ad clicked by one, advertising dollars are going to waste. It is an ongoing arms race between those who are trying to exploit the digital ad world and those who are trying to protect the victims of this war, and both sides are using technology to their advantage. As long as there is money to be made, this will go on. How are you protecting yourself?

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