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Mallory A. Russell

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  • Hyundai Embraces New Message  in Video Insider on 05/22/2015

    Female empowerment and body issues campaigns have been big winners lately, scoring top video views. But in April one of the biggest surprises came from an auto brand: Hyundai. Hyundai's "Message from Space" is the brand's most viewed branded video campaign of all time. Less than two weeks after its release, it had generated more than 30.4 million views

  • Branded Video Lives Forever -- If It's Great in Video Insider on 05/13/2015

    A well-produced and engaging branded video like Metro Trains Melbourne's "Dumb Ways to Die" can live forever. It is the single most-awarded campaign in the history of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, winning a record 28 awards at the 2013 Cannes Lions. And as of this year, it is the single most-viewed branded video campaign of all time, having generated more than 284 million views.

  • Will The Force Be With Brands This Year? in Video Insider on 05/08/2015

    Last year, the ad world had three major sporting events to rally around: the Super Bowl, the Winter Olympics, and the World Cup. This year, there is only one major sporting event, the Super Bowl - which already occurred. Still, there's at least one more major event for brands to try to leverage this year. For the first time in a decade, a new "Star Wars" film is going to be released and that's something to get excited about.

  • Top-Performing, Must-Watch Video Ads in Video Insider on 04/30/2015

    Here's a breakdown of the some of the latest, greatest video ads out there today:

  • The Dove Effect in Video Insider on 04/20/2015

    Last week, I proclaimed April to be the month of Dove. I wrote about how the brand had released a stunt video about female beauty standards every April for the last three years and how those stunts drove debate and conversation, which, in turn, generated viewership. This month we're seen three great examples of female empowerment campaigns that address body image and beauty issues, paying homage to Dove's legacy while pushing the genre forward. And, let's be clear: Female empowerment has moved from a trend to a genre unto itself.

  • April Is The Month Of Dove in Video Insider on 04/14/2015

    For the last three Aprils, Dove has launched a stunt-based video campaign about women's beauty issues -- with great success. In 2013, the brand had a huge hit with "Real Beauty Sketches," which generated 146 million views. In 2014, the brand released the much more controversial "Patches," which garnered 58.8 million views. And on April 6 of this year, Dove released its latest stunt campaign, "#ChooseBeautiful."

  • Why Brands Should Have Fun On April Fools' Day in Video Insider on 04/03/2015

    Video has proven to be a highly effective medium for brands' April Fools' Day pranks, especially since it's one consumers like to share. This year we saw a few trends emerge among the content.

  • Ad Council Campaign Embraces Diversity Through Love in Video Insider on 03/20/2015

    The Super Bowl is a huge event for advertising, and online video in particular. Campaigns associated with the 2015 Super Bowl have generated more than 460 million views. But brands don't need a major event like the Super Bowl to create major viewership. On March 3, the Ad Council released "Love Has No Labels," which aims to overcome bias and embrace diversity through love. It has surpassed all 2015 Super Bowl campaigns to be the most-watched campaign of the year, to date.

  • Intel Harnesses Viewer Interaction In Video Series in Video Insider on 03/13/2015

    On Wednesday, Intel released the trailer for the fourth installment of its Inside Film series. In this year's video, "What Lives Inside," Intel partners with Dell for the first time and dives into a new genre, fantasy.

  • A Natural? 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Spoofs Promote Condom Brands in Video Insider on 02/26/2015

    There was a ton of buzz around "Fifty Shades of Grey" in almost every stage of its development, from the moment the cast was announced to the the film's first teasers (which have generated more than 380 million views.) Three brands leveraged the excitement around the film's release with their own content.

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