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Michael Leis

Member since December 2013Contact Michael

  • Senior Vice President, Social Strategy Digitas Health
  • Twitter: mleis
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  • 19107 USA

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  • A Strategy For What's Next in Marketing: Health on 05/13/2016

    Our agency's vision for how to achieve success is fairly simple. By helping to connect people to better health outcomes, the companies, that are integral to help make those connections, will succeed.

  • Four Simple Ways To Fix Healthcare Social Now in Marketing: Health on 09/11/2015

    Getting mired in the complexities of social media is becoming something of a sport in healthcare. There's all the FDA guidance and understanding what medical/regulatory teams do and don't know. For some teams, the prospect of effectively taking a brand to social is nothing short of an existential crisis.

  • Three Lies From CES in Marketing: Health on 02/13/2015

    There's Vegas, and then there's Vegas at capacity. As full of promise as it is with all of tomorrow's technology, our expectations from the Consumer Electronics Show are equally overflowing with misinformation, misdirection and hyperbole. Here's my take on three of the biggest lies you've probably read a million times about CES in the health space and the truth underneath.

  • The 3 Social Mistakes You're Making, And What To Do About Them in Marketing: Health on 10/10/2014

    Lately I've been spending time with brands looking to reach new heights in their social efforts. Here are three of the more common scenarios, which I hope help you think through your planning efforts.

  • 2014: The Year Of The Phone in Marketing: Health on 01/10/2014

    Without invoking the usual parade of statistics, social media and the decision-making it impacts is clearly now as important as the phone to the relationship between companies, consumers and professionals.

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