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Will Doherty

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Will Doherty, Senior Director of Business, Casale Media Will Doherty is a senior executive who has led business development for a number of digital media and advertising companies including Casale Media, Netmining and NeuLion. He is currently the senior director of business for Index, a division of veteran digital media technology provider, Casale Media. Doherty is known to advocate for transparency in programmatic advertising, working to integrate demand partners and agency trading desks' platforms with supply to drive digital publishing revenues. As director of business development for Netmining, Doherty oversaw the strategic partnerships, contract negotiations, inventory and data acquisitions that power the company's real-time audience targeting solutions and helped propel netmining to a lead provider of programmatic display solutions.

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  • Walmart Exchange Seems Like Natural Next Step  in Programmatic Insider on 07/16/2014

    Last week Walmart announced its own media buying exchange was in beta phase. The Walmart Exchange (WMX) shows the world's largest retailer tightening its grip on its digital assets, developing a platform for targeting audiences and buying media for itself and the hundreds of companies supplying its stores. While we haven't seen exactly what form WMX will take or what it will effectively manage without help from outside tech vendors, taking such an important piece of digital strategy in-house is a good look for Walmart. Ultimately, WMX is a sensible development that takes advantage of existing programmatic infrastructure and advances it to the service of its partners at scale. Despite the hyperbole suggesting it's an industry game changer, it is simply the natural evolution of an in-house marketing strategy for the world's largest retailer.

  • Are Marketers Ready For The Age Of 'Peak Cookie'? in Programmatic Insider on 03/18/2014

    If you pay attention to the news (or the gas pumps) you're aware of the concept of "peak oil," which posits that oil production will hit a high point after which the number of barrels produced declines in every subsequent year. There's a strong parallel in online media, where the rise in mobile content consumption is making the cookie less important. While there are detractors to the concept of "peak oil," it's impossible to deny that we're very close to hitting "peak cookie," leaving marketers with less access to cookie-level data in the following years.

  • Forget CMOs -- Digital's Super Bowl Budgets Are Held By The CFO in Programmatic Insider on 02/20/2014

    Everyone in digital wants a nice piece of Super Bowl budget, but there's little to offer except for impressions. For digital to get a piece of the pie, marketers need to be able to show that they got both awareness and engagement, and that they get both with the desired audience. Right now, Super Bowl TV ads only provide awareness across a wide, untargeted swath of consumers. Marketers are failing to understand how programmatic can deliver targeted engagement across digital experiences.

  • Ad Tech Progress Requires Drastic Shift In Agency Priorities in Programmatic Insider on 01/30/2014

    The amount of data and intelligence available for programmatic media buying grows exponentially every day. RTB platforms can distill the data and design algorithms to endlessly exploit their potential. This gives agencies and their media buyers a daunting -- but not impossible -- challenge. They must effectively evaluate the ability of one platform or algorithm against another in an age where technology is growing more complex.

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  • Walmart Exchange Seems Like Natural Next Step by Will Doherty (Programmatic Insider on 07/16/2014)

    Hollis, I do not mean to imply agencies will not feel an impact - they certainly will, as your example delineates. But this is no different than what Walmart has with suppliers that are heavily reliant on their distribution. They want to shift dollars towards marketing programs that will simultaneously support Walmart's stores and lower the cost of those goods. The fact they are doing this digitally is the evolution but this has been a feature of their success for a long time. Thanks for your comment!

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