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Brigid Milligan

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  • Senior Strategist World Wildlife Fund
  • Twitter: Brigid_Milligan
  • Washington District Of Columbia
  • 20037 USA

Brand and communications strategist at World Wildlife Fund specializing in sustainability and CSR. Adjunct Professor in the Film and Media studies department at Hunter College. Views are my own and not reflective of World Wildlife Fund. Writer. Runner. Reader.

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  • The Empowered Consumer in Marketing: Green on 02/18/2015

    Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the sustainability of the goods and services they buy. A 2013 study by GlobeScan, BBMG and SustainAbility, 86% of consumers said transparency about ingredients is extremely or very important. However, just a little over half (57%) said they regularly check the list of ingredients before purchasing products.

  • We're All Sustainability Professionals in Marketing: Green on 01/21/2015

    As sustainability continues to go mainstream, the smartest companies are incorporating sustainability into their business model. It's profitable, mitigates risk, and fulfills an increasing consumer demand. It's spreading across functions with executives such as the chief financial officer and chief marketing officer actively thinking about how sustainability impacts their roles and business units.

  • Back To Basics: Normcore And Sustainability in Marketing: Green on 11/19/2014

    Do you dress according to your own set of style rules? Do you avoid wearing obvious fashion labels? Do you eschew the season's latest trends? If so, you might be more stylish than you think. If you've happened to read a fashion magazine or blog this year, you've probably heard about "normcore" - a much debated and discussed buzzword and one of this year's hottest movements in fashion and design.

  • Millennials And The 'E-Word' in Marketing: Green on 10/15/2014

    Earlier this year, the Pew Research Center found that fewer than a third of Millennials believe that the word "environmentalist" describes them very well. By contrast, Millennials are more likely to describe themselves as patriotic and religious than they are to apply the word "environmentalist" to themselves.

  • Sustainability And The CMO in Marketing: Green on 09/17/2014

    As Gardiner Morse wrote in a recent "Harvard Business Review" article, "a marketing revolution is under way and nowhere is that more visible than in the CMO's transforming role." Morse was specifically referring to Unilever's CMO, Keith Weed, who notably now oversees both marketing and communications and sustainable business. It is a shift from the model that exists at the majority of companies, namely that sustainability exists in a separate division.

  • Consumer Sustainability Study Says Moms Matter, Businesses Disappoint in Marketing: Green on 07/17/2014

    Nearly three-quarters of consumers believe that the private sector is failing to take care of the earth and society, according to the recently released UN Global Compact and Accenture study, "From Marketing to Mattering." Surveying 30,000 consumers across 20 countries, the report reveals valuable insights for marketers regarding the impact of sustainability on a brand's reputation, optimism and expectations on both government and the private sector.

  • Why 'Going Lean' Is The New Green in Marketing: Green on 06/18/2014

    With over 25 years of experience as a sustainability consultant and the author of books on green marketing and eco-innovation, Jacquie Ottman has an eye for understanding trends. As she sees it, the next movement in green marketing is about focusing on waste reduction.

  • Storytelling Q&A With A CSR Expert in Marketing: Green on 04/16/2014

    I recently connected with Susan McPherson (@susanmcp1), head of communications consultancy McPherson Strategies, to discuss the role of corporate storytelling in CSR and sustainability initiatives. Susan, named one of the "Smartest Women on Twitter" by "Fast Company" magazine and the founder of the popular bi-weekly #CSRChat, has spent her career focusing on the intersection between brands and social good.

  • New Study Finds Social Media Best Practices for Sustainability Storytelling  in Marketing: Green on 03/19/2014

    Corporate storytelling has emerged as a powerful strategy to engage and inspire audiences on topics ranging from launching new products, to support recruitment, and notably to discuss sustainability initiatives, programs and progress. Alongside the rise of sustainability storytelling, social media has become a valued tool to bring corporate initiatives to life in the digital age.

  • When Going Green Is Uncomfortable ... in Marketing: Green on 02/19/2014

    I'll be the first to admit it - sometimes the more environmentally responsible lifestyle decision is also the choice that is inconvenient, uncomfortable and just plain hard. The small, everyday adjustments that we make to live more sustainable lives - walking instead of driving, shopping with reusable bags versus plastic bags, washable napkins or tissues instead of disposable ones - collectively make a significant difference in improving the state of the planet, but also require more time, more planning, and more effort from us.

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