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Paras Chopra

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I am a technology entrepreneur living in New Delhi. I developed a well-known A/B testing tool called Visual Website Optimizer, which has served over 1.5 billion visitors globally in more than 300,000 testing and personalization campaigns, created by our 3600+ customers. Visual Web Optimizer now also includes: zero­coding A/B testing for iOS native apps, segmentation of A/B and multivariate tests and a new user interface. I have published three research papers in international peer-reviewed journals, and was selected for numerous international and national fellowships and scholarships during undergraduate studies. I have also developed many different websites, including:,,,, My previous work experience includes an R&D Engineering Position at Aspiring Minds, where I was responsible for analyzing and devising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for enabling accurate large scale assessment via standardized Computer Adaptive Tests. Prior to that, I worked as an Analyst at Grail Research and my job responsibility was to tackle a business research problem and come up with relevant data and insights through primary and secondary research. I have a Bachelor of Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.

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  • Optimize Your Website To Capture Last-minute Travelers in Marketing: Travel on 04/22/2015

    Booking a vacation can call for a substantial amount of advance planning and budgeting for travelers - but today, it doesn't have to. The questions around what drives travelers to book last-minute trips, and why they make the last-minute travel purchases they do, are changing in many ways. Travel professionals understand these industry-wide changes are underway. What's harder to understand is why some travelers wait until the 11th hour to book, and how to convince them to convert when they're finally ready.

  • Why Luxury Brands Need Scarcity Marketing On The Web  in Engage:Affluent on 05/09/2014

    Luxury goods marketers have long understood the value of scarcity. Whether they are selling high-end watches, leather goods or clothing, these brands thrive on their ability to create a product image that is exclusive and only for the most discerning tastes. A carefully honed reputation as a purveyor of high status items allows them to charge above-average prices for a product that may or may not actually be superior to generic competitors.

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