• How Google Might Shape Next-generation Travel
    Last week, Google held its annual I/O summit at its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Many developers, executives and experience designers gathered to see what's next in Google's sprawling and often experimental product roadmap.
  • Targeting Summer Travelers Through Social Media
    Summer vacation spending in America was projected to reach $89.9 billion in 2016, with 65% of Americans reporting that taking a vacation is important to them. In fact, the average American will plan at least three weekend getaways between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • The New Language(s) Of Marketing
    A recent press release from the Acme Hotel Co. in River North, Chicago, included these phrases: Snapchat Spectacles, Amazon Echo, ESP Guitar, DIY cocktail.
  • Destination Unknown: Travel Brands Amidst The Current Travel Climate
    As we reach the midpoint of 2017, the U.S. dollar is strong, domestic traveler optimism is up, and the market is experiencing positive consumer sentiment. This after a new administration took the reins in January amidst an increasingly divisive political climate - and introducing a travel policy that temporarily restricted inbound travel for certain international travelers. This shot heard 'round the world reasoned protection, anticipation, and readiness; however, it also echoed sentiments of unwelcomeness and created an immediate (and costly) decline in U.S. tourism. But we have seen this before.
  • Harnessing The Brain Power In Travel
    Tourism Cares works to develop, enhance and unite the industry's pro bono volunteering efforts.
  • IoT Extends Reach Into The Travel Market
    While travel has been one of the first industries to move the bulk of its customer service and commerce online, we could now be on the edge of travel's next big evolution - the embedding of IoT devices as a core part of the travel experience.
  • Heightened Millennial Expectations Shift The Travel Industry
    Today, travel doesn't just stand for getting from one destination to another for millennials. Traveling is a part of their identity - a vital experience that helps them understand, grow and continuously reinvent their sense of self. In fact, it is so important to this generation that young adults rank travel as more important than escaping from their student loans, buying a "big ticket" item, improving relationships with family and friends or even starting a family of their own.
  • The Image Is A Destination Marketer's Friend - Tap Into The Photo-sharing Consumer
    Tourism marketing today is a lot like food advertising - using images to trigger the crave. With travel as with food, that "want to have it, want to be there" feeling relies heavily on imagery. A single image can communicate what a destination, attraction or business offers in a literal snapshot.
  • Monitoring Social Media
    How do you keep up with what billions of people are saying on social media? Relax. Somebody is doing it for you. Local Measure, based in Sydney, Australia, calls itself "the leading customer intelligence platform in the tourism and hospitality sectors" and works with major companies like Accor, IHG, Virgin and Qantas.
  • 5 Tips For Redesigning A Hotel Restaurant
    Whenever you want to make staying at a hotel the most desirable option for your guests, give them an amazing food and beverage experience so they don't have to worry about leaving and blindly picking from a long list of restaurants they don't know.
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