• Heightened Millennial Expectations Shift The Travel Industry
    Today, travel doesn't just stand for getting from one destination to another for millennials. Traveling is a part of their identity - a vital experience that helps them understand, grow and continuously reinvent their sense of self. In fact, it is so important to this generation that young adults rank travel as more important than escaping from their student loans, buying a "big ticket" item, improving relationships with family and friends or even starting a family of their own.
  • The Image Is A Destination Marketer's Friend - Tap Into The Photo-sharing Consumer
    Tourism marketing today is a lot like food advertising - using images to trigger the crave. With travel as with food, that "want to have it, want to be there" feeling relies heavily on imagery. A single image can communicate what a destination, attraction or business offers in a literal snapshot.
  • Monitoring Social Media
    How do you keep up with what billions of people are saying on social media? Relax. Somebody is doing it for you. Local Measure, based in Sydney, Australia, calls itself "the leading customer intelligence platform in the tourism and hospitality sectors" and works with major companies like Accor, IHG, Virgin and Qantas.
  • 5 Tips For Redesigning A Hotel Restaurant
    Whenever you want to make staying at a hotel the most desirable option for your guests, give them an amazing food and beverage experience so they don't have to worry about leaving and blindly picking from a long list of restaurants they don't know.
  • Winning Instagram - The TSA Way
    Creating compelling and original content for social media is a challenge for most brands. In travel, we are, at least, gifted with the use of exotic locations, and a domain in which people have interest or passion. But nonetheless, it's hard to consistently come up with material that can continually divert an audience and prompt interest in what a brand has to say in a busy social feed.
  • Focusing On The Local
    Tip O'Neill, the legendary Massachusetts congressman, famously said, "All politics is local." And now it seems all hospitality is local. Hotel brands and operators are racing to out-local each other. They profess to be training their staffs to be the equivalent of classic concierges: knowing the hottest new restaurant in town, where to get the best deal on clothing and where to hear music usually reserved for those in the know. And they're employing technology in the form of interactive maps and virtual reality to step up the local game even more.
  • Does Programmatic Make Sense For Travel Marketers?
    In the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion around "programmatic" or "advanced" TV advertising. Lots of companies are coming to market with the promise to make TV advertising more efficient. But for those not steeped in the tech world, it can be a confusing landscape to navigate. You may be asking, "What exactly is programmatic TV and does it make sense for me as a travel company?"
  • For Spring Break, Go Mobile And Retain The Loyal
    Spring Break is not just a highlight of the year for college students heading to tropical locations. With over 65.1 million people screened by the TSA during Spring Break in 2016, there's a tremendous amount of travel for hospitality and travel brands to be excited about, too.
  • The Importance Of Innovation And Change In The Digital Age
    The HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference underscores the increased need for organizations and marketers to evolve and innovate if they want to thrive in today's digitally fueled marketplace.
  • Stop Thinking Digital To Get The Attribution You Deserve
    In our data-driven world, guesses, feelings and estimates about how ads are performing are unacceptable. Advanced analytics tools are helping us see exactly how customers are moving down the digital path to purchase, and which marketing activities are responsible for driving those actions. But what if you're a digital marketer who works in an industry that does most of its business offline?
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