• Toughest Question In Hotel Marketing: What Should The Budget Be?
    Last time, we covered the wrong ways to answer the question: how much should our marketing budget be...?" Now, let's focus on better ways to answer the question that will determine your success and quote possibly your career longevity!
  • Instagram: Creating Good Impressions For Cities
    As usual, innovation is frequently local when it comes to social media. A number of cities, noting that Instagram is the fastest-growing platform in important demographics, have taken the lead in using that platform for image building.
  • The Data You're Not Using
    As marketers, we generate and consume tremendous amounts of data - whether it's reporting from our own programs and campaigns, third-party research from trusted industry experts, or other sources. Unfortunately, though, there's a massive amount of readily available (and very important) data that many of us aren't taking into consideration when we build out our marketing strategies. The good news is that it doesn't require Herculean efforts by IT and multiple partners to gather. The bad news? We can't control it - but with the right outlook and planning, we can take advantage of it (or at least minimize its ...
  • The Big Game Continues
    Travel finds itself well suited to leveraging games and gamification.