• Why Google Analytics Should Be Outlawed In The Travel Industry
    Over my 20-year career in the travel and Internet industry, I have come across hundreds of cases where a travel client has used Google Analytics (GA) to track their clicks from their online advertising and seen major discrepancies on the clicks and conversions. We should all agree as an industry to put this behind us and not use GA to track clicks and bookings.
  • No Sweat! Tips For Shaping Up Your 2012 Tourism PR Program
    Their bags are packed and they're ready to go. Yes, tourism is on the upswing for 2012, but competition is stronger than ever because savvy consumers have an increasing variety of vacation spots and deals from which to choose. When determining where to go on their next vacation, most look to recommendations from objective sources - reviews and ratings from people like them and stories written by professional travel writers - rather than destination websites and travel guides.
  • The Growing Importance Of Hybrid And Virtual Meetings
    The building buzz about virtual and hybrid meetings has been accelerating - and now somebody is putting their money where their mouth is as far as creating a base of professionals who can handle the phenomenon of meetings becoming increasingly reliant on attendees who are not physically present at a conference location.
  • The Achilles Heel Of The Social Media Budget
    The increased investment in social media is certainly understandable due to the unprecedented growth of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other sites that connect and amplify individual consumer voices like never before. However, one has to wonder what an increased investment in social media by travel companies really means.
  • The Promise Of A New You Gets New Meaning
    Medical tourism is poised to become one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry.