• Travel Like A Native ... Advertiser
    Everyone is talking about native advertising these days as the hot new trend. Since there are so many different flavors of native, I thought I should start with some broad explanations and examples. Native advertising is when an advertiser publishes or sponsors content as part of the user experience. So instead of running banner ads around the editorial content, the brands actually weave their content into the site. Native can be a video, photo, infographics or a text article. An advertorial could be native. Facebook Sponsored Stories and Twitter Sponsored Tweets are also a form of native. When an advertiser ...
  • Tracking What Matters: A New Mindset For Evaluating PR
    Numbers don't tell the full story, it turns out. After considering circulation and impressions of media coverage and debating various reporting methodologies, public relations industry leaders believe that relying exclusively on quantitative measures to evaluate results is insufficient. As a result, it's critical to layer on a qualitative element to measure communications effectiveness. With that in mind, here are five tips for reporting meaningful travel PR results.
  • Selling, Sort Of, On Social Media
    It's a well-accepted truism by now that "you can't sell on social media," but as savvy suppliers have become more sophisticated about the use of social media, it's also become true that social media can be part of a multi-leg -- even multi-directional -- path toward sales.
  • Whole Foods To Put Travel To The Test
    Non-travel brands look to build customer engagement through travel.