• How Much Should Your Hotel Marketing Budget Be?
    One of the most vexing questions posed to marketing managers in any industry is: "How much should our budget be? Whether you are being asked to submit next year's budget or a funding request for your next campaign, knowing how to answer your management or ownership's budgetary questions is vital to your success (and job security).
  • Doing Something About The Weather - With Mobile
    Weather has dominated the news over the last few weeks - and a good part of the coverage has involved travel - thousands stuck in airports, travelers not being able to get where they're going for business or leisure.
  • Getting The Most Out Of Competitive Research
    Every marketer loves checking out the competition - and with the trackability of digital marketing and tools available to us today, it's never been easier. As with a lot of data, though, there may be devils lurking in the details. Benchmarks are one prime example; I often warn clients to be wary of third-party benchmarking, because definitions, database sizes, and multiple other factors can make the results simply too broad to be truly valuable.
  • Managing Revenues: Not As Systematic As You Might Think
    New study reveals that many hotel revenue managers are dealing with inaccurate data and ignoring the impact of various channels.
  • Meta Search Turns 14
    With so many people talking about meta search these days, you would think it was a brand new digital marketing channel. Not so, as SideStep and FareChase got the ball rolling in the travel sector in early 2000. I remember helping SideStep set their first advertising rate card a couple years later. I also recall that GDS companies and OTAs were a bit scared of these new kids on the block at first. Many of the travel suppliers were in "talk to the hand" mode for the first few years which looking back now seems unbelievable. Some people predicted that ...