• Using Customer Experience Optimization To Boost Loyalty Programs
    The online travel industry has changed: travel agencies now provide a one-stop shop for everything from airfare and room and board to transportation and tours, hotels and car rental agencies are teaming up, and airlines aren't the only ones offering frequent traveler programs.
  • Setting The Record Straight: 5 Common Misconceptions About Instagram
    With the ability to take great pictures on their phones, travelers are sharing vacation photos with their personal networks more than ever. Instagram, the popular mobile app, enables users to manipulate photos with filters and then post, like and comment on other's pictures. It's an application with great potential for travel brands because it's used extensively by bloggers, and consumers are catching Instagram fever, too. If you haven't considered Instagram for your brand, it's time you did.
  • Screaming Children And Airline Responsibility
    With summer travel season squarely upon us and airlines desperately looking to increase profitability, airplanes are seemingly packed like never before. The pressure put on staff to gate-check bags, ensure a timely boarding process, and troubleshoot last-minute seating challenges is tremendous. Passengers find themselves equally stressed by the TSA gauntlet, cramped quarters, and the shrinking set of free amenities. Talk about a powder keg of potential in-flight problems.
  • 5 Ways For Hotels To Increase Bookings Without Resorting To Flash Sales
    The heated discussion over the value of flash sales on sites like Groupon and Living Social indicates that this high profile marketing tool doesn't work for all hotels. While not surprising that steep discounts can drive substantial room bookings, it comes at a high cost to hoteliers given the deep rate cuts and commissions for the flash sales services.
  • Hotels Pop Up In Brooklyn; Can Queens Be Far Behind?
    From a recent article in the New York Times: "Among young Parisians, there is currently no greater praise for cuisine than 'trs Brooklyn,' a term that signifies a particularly cool combination of informality, creativity and quality."
  • Giving Kids A Voice
    Enrich the family travel experience by speaking to kids in a language they understand.