• Best Practices For Hotels Advertising On Online Travel Agency Sites
    Hotels increasingly turn to search-like marketing to drive bookings through their Online Travel Agency (OTA) distribution partners. These programs, available on major OTAs, allow hotels to secure premium placement whenever someone does a hotel search.
  • The Phone Call: Still An Icon
    There is still magic to a phone call. Think of the big Carly Rae Jepsen hit "Call Me, Maybe." It wasn't "Text Me, Maybe" or "Email Me, Maybe."
  • Building The Perfect Guide
    One of the great things about working in the travel industry is the enthusiasm travel inspires in so many of us. Chances are that most of us are as passionate about traveling ourselves as the customers we serve.As someone who genuinely loves the travel experience, both the journey and the destination itself, I was incredibly saddened to see this recent article on layoffs at Lonely Planet - a guidebook I've trusted and (like many others) carried with me around the world for decades.
  • Tourism Cares: Creating A Return On Giving
    New CEO places focus on measuring outcomes and making a lasting difference.