• Mash-Up: Mobile, Local and Social Content Come Together
    As search engine optimization and marketing evolve to become mobile, local and social, the confluence of search and social is the most exciting tourism marketing trend. That was just one of the many insightful takeaways from the Eye for Travel's Social Media and Mobile Strategies Conference I attended last week.
  • Daylight Marketing Time
    Come major celebrations like Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, media are inundated with promotional tie-ins: packages, contests - a great deal of it amazingly similar.. When everybody does something, nobody gets noticed.
  • Mobile & Those Outdoor Banner Ad 'Thingys'
    While wading into the waterfall of tweets on "the Twitter" a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon one that I wish to heaven I could properly attribute. But alas, all I can remember is the gist of the message and not the sender. It went a little something like this: At conference & I swear this 20something speaker just referred to billboards as "You know, those outdoor banner ad thingys."WOW."
  • Rethinking What Hotel Loyalty Means
    Can any one brand realistically expect to capture a significant share of wallet?