• Surprise! Your Hotel's Website Is Killing Your Business
    Would you buy three-year-old TVs for your rooms? How about cheap lobby furniture that no one wanted to sit on? The answers to these questions are obvious. But as strange as it may seem, some hoteliers remain blissfully unaware of another problem right under their nose: their website is harming their business.
  • Will These Hotels Be Best Sellers?
    The relentless movement toward experiential travel seems about to reach a new milestone. A group called Hemingway Hotels & Resorts will soon announce the development of its first hotels. Building on a long-term partnership with Ernest Hemingway's estate, the brand foresees a Hemingway-like experience with the focus on nature, references to locations in Hemingway's work and libraries featuring the writer's works (among others). Even the staff will reflect Hemingway in "a passion for life, unwavering integrity and respect for the natural world."
  • Going Local (and Social)
    Remember "The Accidental Tourist?" The Anne Tyler novel (and Oscar-nominated movie) featured a travel writer who visited exotic cities and precisely organized his meals, his itinerary, and every other detail without ever experiencing the cities themselves. Now, surely, there are still travelers like this, people for whom deviations from the expected norm are merely distractions to avoid. But travelers of all kinds are increasingly seeking out experiences that are genuinely unique and using social media (and their mobile devices) to guide them - and marketers in the travel and hospitality industry are taking notice.
  • 3 Reasons There Will Be More Online Innovation In Flights
    RyanAir's recent announcement of top-secret plans with Google on a "new flight search product" caught my eye. Mainly because I doubt there's a big top-secret product Google's launching exclusively with RyanAir. The CEO seems to me to be describing Google Flight Search, which has been live for 2+ years and contains lightning-fast pricing results from many major U.S. and European airlines already. But, the fact is that Google Flight Search hasn't had the predicted bang in online travel that everyone was talking about when they launched.
  • Serving The Locally Curious
    Hyper local movement requires hotel brands to rethink their role