Should You Flash?
    Only time will tell whether the amount of a discount will matter less in a luxury environment: will it simply be the matter of there actually being a discount (not normal in luxury) or will it need to be enough to make something previously seeming unattainable now within reach.
    Cooperation Goes Viral
    Expedia, through its advertising arm Expedia Media Solutions, decided to take the OTA-supplier relationships a step further, recruiting nine travel brands as partners in a massive Facebook campaign that cost a lot of money but produced significant results.
    Mobile Devices: The Revolution Will Soon Be Revolutionized
    Sure it's exciting to see the growth of mobile bookings, but it really is only the beginning of what mobile can deliver to your business, and more importantly to the traveler. The real winners will be those brands that are looking at mobile to service their traveler, not simply to sell.
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