• Cheers! Here's A Toast To Cele-cations
    Dan and three golfing buddies played the Pebble Beach courses on his 50th birthday. In honor of their golden anniversary, Jerry and Charlotte took a group of 20 family members on an Alaskan cruise. Lauren and her girlfriends created their own 25th-year class reunion with a New York City shopping trip. They are not alone, as more than 70% of leisure travelers took a milestone vacation with friends and family over the past 12 months, according to The Ypartnership/Harrison Group's Portrait of America Travelers.
  • New Year's Predictions? No Time For Them!
    If anybody is looking for New Year's predictions, forget it. Things are changing too quickly and unpredictably. However, it's a good time to think about how some of this year's trends might have an impact on 2012.
  • Got Game?
    Scavenger hunts are part of a growing trend to gamify the travel experience.
  • A Wish For Wi-Fi...Or Not
    Welcome to December, that time of year when holidays, gift giving, and personal reflection combine to create the perfect storm of wish-making around the globe. This being the wishing season, I thought it only appropriate that I reach out to some of my road warrior/author friends to see what travel-related wishes they might have for 2012.