• Are You A Hotel Marketing Dinosaur? 8 Ways To Avoid Extinction
    My partner and I attended a fancy dinner at a major tourism conference recently. We were seated next to the GM and director of sales & marketing for a fairly large independent resort. When they asked about our company, we explained who we are and what we do.
  • 140 Characters Of Fame
    Rainn Wilson, who played the quirky Dwight Schrute on "The Office" TW show, recently tweeted a number of caustic, okay vicious, comments about US Airways service because a connecting flight had left prior to departure time - causing the cast of the show to miss a scheduled appearance in Scranton, Pa., where the TV show takes place. Some of the tweets were pretty graphic, and I'll spare you those, but, clearly, somebody like Wilson has a tremendous number of followers and impact.
  • Right Reaction When Things Go Wrong Is Key
    Airline travel has become so common for many of us in business that we sometimes look on the airlines themselves like utilities - companies that provide an essential service that (with rare exceptions) we take for granted and don't acknowledge unless something goes wrong.
  • Cruise Industry Missing Positive PR Opportunities
    People love a good PR disaster. As if there were a bright red beacon attached to your brand, a company can find itself attracting unwanted attention faster than a blink of an eye. As of late, the cruise industry has been under this kind of extreme scrutiny following a rash of public relations nightmares across a number of cruise lines.
  • With More Casinos In The Northeast, Odds Need Readjusting
    Casino marketers face the challenge of too much competition.