• Hook 'Em With Feeling: 5 Tips For Building Tourism Brand Loyalty
    Make sure you provide a remarkable travel experience. That's essential. Then follow this checklist for forging stronger consumer connections.
  • Brendan The Beer Guy Gives Us Some Pointers
    The biggest area for travel marketers to apply this learning is in e-mail marketing. Keeping customers from opting out means being frugal with our e-mail messaging. We need to learn from our customer's past behaviors to ensure that what we send them is of interest and meaningful to them. Over-emailing will just create mass opt-outs, reducing our databases and hurting what can be one of our most effective conversion mediums.
  • Charging For Internet Access Endangers Loyalty
    Some hotel companies are going to have to decide which way they're going in the unstoppable move to keeping their guests connected at all times.
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    A reluctance to share user reviews on their own site says a lot about a brand.
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    The first-ever look at the Digital IQ of leading travel brands reveals a link to ROI.