• PR Ethics: Pay-For-Play Poses Conflicts
    Providing freebies, or "comps," to travel writers has been a long-time destination marketing tradition. However, as the editorial landscape continues to shift, requests for free hotel stays, air and train travel, and attraction tickets are increasing.
  • Challenge Common Perceptions
    Perceptions are powerful and persistent. In an age when it's commonly believed that "perception is everything," it's important for travel marketers to keep in mind that, while they may have long ago realized that a perception was outdated - or had never been on target in the first place - there are countless numbers of potential customers who persist in maintaining that off-kilter outlook.
  • Pandora's Box Of Loyalty
    Loyalty. It is the holy grail of travel marketers. The mountain peak that all hope to summit-preferably with the right mix of superior products and service. For with loyalty, comes the promise of greater long-term customer value, decreased customer acquisition costs, and positive word-of-mouth.
  • Travel Is A Perfect Fashion Fit
    The love affair between fashion and travel yields a more frequent traveler.