We Like Tattletales
    With today's 24-7 connectivity, and every traveler armed with the equipment necessary to immediately share whatever it is they are experiencing right as they are experiencing it, the question is, what are you doing to enable your current clientele to share your secret with the world?
    Variable Profitability and Real-Time Bidding: What Future Lies Ahead
    And there you have it: both sides of the equation being taken into account when you bid for impressions. We've come a long way from blind network buys, haven't we?
    The Travel-free Generation: Can We Alter The Future?
    When families interact with your brands today, create ways to engage the children (and help parents interact with their kids) so that you can begin a sustained dialogue in which you talk to them, educate them and excite them to forge a never-ending journey of discovery.
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