• Why Your Travel Company Needs To Jump On The Convergence Analytics Train
    What if you could actually know which of your marketing efforts really drove bookings regardless of where they booked? Yes you probably currently know how many people clicked on your digital ad and eventually booked on your website. But think about how many other scenarios you are missing. Most people never click anything but were influenced by your ads. Some people still call or book in person after being exposed to digital marketing. Others might get interested in your travel product after a live event, print ad or TV spot. So they start offline and then months later they end ...
  • Unpacking The Travel Persona: Using Social Cues To Target Ads
    Travelers have few things in common. You can safely assume most travelers have a destination in mind and the financial means to reach it. But the differences end there.
  • Taking Social Media On The Road
    It's been pointed out that social media can be pretty anti-social. If millions of people are sitting around on computers connecting electronically, it does not add to the overall volume of human in-person contact.
  • Building Loyalty Through Innovation
    There was a time not long ago when travel was on the forefront of digital innovation. Social media is a fantastic example. Travelers and the travel industry embraced the social channel long before Facebook was popular - even before "social media" was a common term (remember the early days of IGoUGo or Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree?).
  • American Consumers And Their Travel Plans
    Compared with the average American, affluent Americans are adventurous souls, as high-income consumers are frequently "on the go" to both domestic and foreign destinations. And when they do travel, they spend according to their means, which increase as their household incomes rise... all of which bodes well for airlines, cruise lines, hotels/resorts, car rentals, and more. For a "big picture" road map to their destinations, their means of travel, and how much they are planning to spend, this report paints pictures of consumers' plans to travel during the next 12 months. For example: