• 10 Easy Email Secrets For The New Year
    Email marketing yields one of the top returns on investment. According to MarketingProfs, every dollar spent on email returns $40 compared to keyword ads at a $17 ROI and banners way down at $2. Yet, I have seen too many travel RFPs that only focus on display while skipping email. I have also seen too many campaigns that were well funded and somehow could not afford to produce one HTML email creative.
  • Changing The Way We Think About Change
    The year is still new, and change lingers in the air. It's natural to resolve to "change" with the New Year - to eat less, to exercise more, to alter routines. But is change always good when it comes to goals? Isn't it better to sometimes stake out a path and stick to it?
  • What If CES Was A Hotel?
    Clearly, not every hotel room needs to create a lasting impression. After all, we're asleep for most of the time we spend in them. However, imagine if CES operated a hotel chain catering to business travelers. Do you think that hotel would be boring? Not on your life! At the CES Hotel, you could waterproof your iPhone while waiting at reception. And the plants would tell the staff when they needed water. And don't even get me started about the flexible-display phone that they would have in every room-they'd have to tie those things down to keep them from walking ...
  • Remembering. It's All About People
    The passing of colleagues reminds us of what's important.