• Destination Branding: Find Your Unique Voice
    Ask most tourism destinations whether or not they have a brand, and most would answer "sure." In some cases, that's very true. Mention Austin, San Francisco, Kansas City, or Portland, Ore., and you have a pretty clear idea of what makes each city distinctly unique (the last one being my hometown, I can say that we've had just a little help in crystallizing the brand characteristics of our fair city from a certain "Portlandia").
  • Hilton, 'Onion' Create Humorous, Effective Campaign
    Whenever the GEICO "gecko" comes on, I quickly mute the TV or leap across the room to turn off the radio. I find that creature incredibly annoying and wouldn't buy insurance from that company even if I could save 100% in one minute. And that demonstrates the potential pitfalls of using humor in marketing. When it's well executed and, well, funny it can be richly rewarding. When it's not, well...
  • Big Data Says Your Flight Is Delayed Or Whatever
    Flight delays are an inevitable occurrence. Storms roll in. Equipment breaks. Staff oversleeps. We travelers don't like it, but we understand the sometimes unpredictable nature of the business. Still, flight delays are a frustrating experience for all involved, and one that the best airlines in the world work to limit through a mix of staff training, maintenance, and customer communication.
  • What's On The Minds Of Executives?
    ATME Think Tank provides a variety of perspectives.