• Destination Promotions: Crack The Clutter
    Before I launch into this piece I have a confession: I graduated from the old school. Not the old-old school, as in "how do you turn this thing on?" I have seen my share of change in the world of marketing, though, with a career arc that began in the era of White Out and Selectrics (those under 35 may have to Google those references). I've passed through the clunky word processor to the early Macintosh to a peaceful coexistence with all of my iStuff.
  • The Other Guy's Social Media
    Marketing is a matter of relativity. Not only is it crucial for you to present the right image - but it has to be better than the other guy's. Let's face it: business is about beating the other guy, and when it comes to social media, that becomes a very complex affair.
  • The Future Of Virtual Tourism
    About a year ago in this column, I waxed poetic about the potential Google's self-driving car has to revolutionize the rental car industry. Since the car is in the very early stage, proof-of-concept testing, such a revolution is years, if not decades, off; however, there is one revolution that Google is already helping fuel today-virtual tourism.
  • Boston Strong: Travel Marketers, Not So Much
    Some travel brands kept marketing like nothing had happened.