• Get Ready, Brands: Facebook Is Switching It Up
    Remember a few years ago when managing a company's Facebook page was usually assigned to the youngest employee, often an intern, who may or may not have much marketing or communications experience? With the Timeline changes coming soon to Facebook, delegating downstream should no longer be considered a viable option. It's imperative that travel marketers throughout your organization take the time to understand the power of Facebook Timelines for brands.
  • Managing A Turn-around After A Crisis
    A year ago, Japan was devastated by the tsunami and its nuclear risk aftermath. Not surprisingly, tourism rates dropped from 25% above the average global rate in February 2011 to 189% below the average rate in March 2011.
  • Packing Light For Mobile Email Success
    Packing light has never been my strong suit. I always seem to return from trips-be they business or pleasure-with way too many unused pairs of this and that. One might trace my excess to some Boy Scout-ish desire to be prepared; however, I was never a Boy Scout. The real reason for my overstuffed luggage is that I hate packing-and it's much easier to pack the kitchen sink than it is to whittle down to the bare essentials.
  • The Power Of Expectations And The Dialogue That Fuels Them
    I was on a quick trip to London a few weeks ago and packed my usual roll-on bag. It's the same one I've carried onboard planes of every configuration for the past ten years. The proof is on the handle that is festooned with the remnants of dozens of bag-checks from hotels across the globe. So, as I boarded my BA flight from London to Boston, the last thing I worried about was my carry-on. After all, this was a huge 777 that was far from full and my bag had already passed muster on planes half the size. My ...