• 'Homestyle Hospitality'
    Travelers are ditching impersonal formality for genuine familiarity.
  • 3 Things The Travel Industry Can Teach Your Business About Social
    Looking back to the preliminary days of social media, brands in the travel industry were some of the earliest adopters and have since been named some of the most successful companies on networks like Facebook and Twitter. Early in 2009, Mashable recognized major players Jet Blue, Carnival Cruise Lines and Hertz, among others, as companies whose "ground-breaking [social] efforts lead to better service."
  • Youtility: Social Media Success Through Being Useful
    Social media can be much more rewarding if marketers use it to provide helpful information to consumers, according to Jay Baer, who has been active in digital marketing for almost 20 years and has just published a new book, "Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype." (Portfolio/Penguin; $24.95)
  • How's Your Mobile Experience?
    Last month, I wrote about the rise of mobile travel guides (and some of the problems they face). Researching travel on your mobile device is a no-brainer - the convenience and level of detail are great for exploring new places - but what about purchasing travel? Do consumers trust mobile for purchasing flights, hotels, and the like?
  • 4 New Ways Travel Brands Can Use Mobile To Reach On-the-Go Consumers
    The mobile revolution is catching fire with nearly every industry. However, it's likely the most fitting for the travel sector. After all, travelers are quite literally, on-the-go, and mobile only seeks to make their experience easier and more natural.
  • How To Increase Loyalty With The Purse-string Holders Of Travel: Moms
    According to Boston Consulting Group, women control the finances for approximately 73% of American households, and based on research from Working Mother magazine and Chase Card Services nearly 60% of working mothers manage and control their household expenses alone. Since travel budget is typically set aside as a savings expense out of the family budget, brands need to put moms on their short list for audiences with whom to engage and build loyalty.