• Latin American Hotel Operator Turns Data Into Customer Loyalty
    With the goal of building long-term relationships, many marketers are looking for ways to translate the information from existing loyalty program databases and CRM systems into more relevant marketing campaigns that improve customers' brand experience and drive sales.
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once
    So when do clicks really count? The Booking phase. Especially in the most down-funnel placements such as the OTAs, clicks become your greatest indicator of success because at this point it's not about interest, it's about action -- driving people to your site to complete the sale.
  • Aggregation, Make Way For Accumulation
    While aggregation may be a foundational word for the power of social media -- the collective clout of an online community -- perhaps accumulation should be added as a potential force. Accumulation is the building of a following over time through repetition and comprehensiveness.
  • The Covert Side Of Building Loyalty: How Far Do We Need To Go?
    The fiercest battle for the hearts and minds of the world's most valuable travelers isn't being staged publicly, but rather in the very quiet and often covert initiatives of major brands that literally drive the concept of loyalty off the charts.