Following The Fast Fashion Model For Travel Marketing
    In the last decade or so, companies like H&M and Zara have revolutionized the fashion retail business by introducing something called fast fashion, where the inventory in stores is changed constantly. Rather than the old-fashioned system, where sweaters would show up in department stores in July in anticipation of fall weather, fashions would change constantly based on what customers were buying that day and other factors.
    Stuck In Chicago
    Air travel delays aren't fun, but they certainly are frequent. Not being a stranger to delayed or cancelled flights, I usually don't think twice about it and wait. Last Wednesday was a bit different, as a routine United Airlines stop in Chicago was anything but normal. From a customer standpoint, how they dealt with it was exemplary.
    Poshtel Is Defining The New Vocabulary Of Travel
    Latest travel trends fuel a dynamic merging of hotels and hostels.
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