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  • Millennials Are Cashing In On Their Social Influence  in Content Marketing Insider on 08/15/2014

    Welcome to the new age of influence, where 20-something content creators on Vine can make as much as $20,000 for a 6-second video and Millennial fashionistas can earn six figures for their stylish outfits on Instagram.

  • The One Thing That Could Save Twitter in Content Marketing Insider on 07/18/2014

    I joined Twitter in 2007 and spent the next two years explaining to friends and colleagues why they HAD to be on it, as well as discussing why it was going to be a critical content platform for marketers. Not only would it be the top way to engage with customers and influencers online, but it would also be key to finding them in the first place. That was then. Now, there's speculation on the death of Twitter, which usually centers on Wall Street sentiment like earnings (Twitter's stock has been downgraded) and standard platform health metrics like new user growth rate, log-in frequency, and content engagement.But there's a more important metric that is quietly on the decline.

  • Beware Of Influencer Marketing Landmines in Content Marketing Insider on 05/23/2014

    In theory, the idea of collaborating with social influencers to scale the creation and distribution of content sounds great. Online influencers are people who create and share interesting or valuable content with the niche audiences that follow them. Using content from influencers can be a powerful way to win the war on content, or it can be littered with landmines that leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth, including the consumer.

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  • Why 'The Dark Knight' Shows Facebook Is The Platform of Our Lives by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 03/10/2011)

    Another great post, Catherine - such a fan of yours. One of the other brilliant strategies inherent in this venture between Facebook and Warner Brothers is they are leveraging the digital dependency of young adults. I still prefer watching movies on the big screen TV curled on the couch. My three teenagers all prefer to watch movies on the computer or laptop. Its the platform they are anchored in and it will only continue to grow as that generation grows up, begins using more mature applications, and raises its own digital generation. The Dark Knight is the perfect movie for that demographic.

  • Dusting Off The Crystal Ball For 2011 by Maria Bailey (Engage:Moms on 11/03/2010)

    We work with tens of thousands of moms and I think your spot on with your trend predictions. We, too, see a growing interest in video, local communities and a desire by moms to be seen by brands as professional. I also think moms are getting more sophisticated with how they monetize their expertise (both with brands and direct with their own readers). Thanks for another great article!

  • See? The Old Spice Social Media Campaign DOES Smell Like A Winner by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 07/28/2010)

    Catharine - excellent post! I have been marketing in the online space for years and am constantly surprised at the criticism viral marketing gets for supposedly not being measurable or the argument that "funny" doesn't translate to more customers. Like expensive, full-page bleed ads in magazines were really measurable? Old Spice hit this one out of the park but, like any risky brand move, know one really knew how the story was going to end. They just turned out to be right. Love the rant.

  • Burgeoning Brands by Kevin Burke (Engage:Moms on 07/28/2010)

    Well said, Kevin. My work involves interacting with thousands of moms who blog and you have articulated their dilemma very well. Ironically, the emotional gap you describe widens the more new mom bloggers try even harder to leverage tactics to drive traffic rather than strategies to drive personal branding. They end up with some near-term satisfaction from getting new readers but lose out on the major benefits of much bigger industry influence. I hope many of them read your article. See you at BlogHer10! Holly Hamann, BlogFrog)

  • How Much Blog Would a Blogger Blog If a Blog Chucked Its Comments? by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 02/03/2010)

    Very interesting question. I think what readers want to do with commenting is outgrowing how most commenting platforms work. Commenting works well for readers to communicate with the author but it sucks at allowing readers to interact with each other. Readers have outgrown wanting to only communicate with the author - they want real community. My prediction - community forums will take over commenting.

  • Moms Want Tools, Not Toys by Tina Sharkey (Engage:Moms on 01/20/2010)

    Hi Tina - excellent article. I work with thousands of "mom bloggers" and completely agree with everything you have mentioned. Their demand for technology has everything to do with their constant quest to get more done in less time, and do it better. If there is a way to make meal-planning more efficient and practical - they want to know how. If technology can help them stay connected to their support community (for themselves of their children) - they are all over it. Thanks for the great research and stats!

  • An Insider's "Social" Recap of 2009 by David Berkowitz (Social Media Insider on 12/29/2009)

    Nice recap, David! Thanks for all the great articles. So glad to have you on the social media beat.

  • The Numbers Just Don't Add Up by Jim Sterne (Metrics Insider on 10/02/2009)

    Brilliant! I have been a marketing exec in the web space for years and a long-time subscriber to MediaPost newsletters. This is a brilliant post and probably one of the best articles on this subject I have ever read. Nice job, Jim!

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