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Ian Davidson

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  • Santa Monica California
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  • Thrive In The Programmatic Marketplace: Focus On Buyers' Best Interests  in MediaDailyNews on 06/02/2015

    Don't be too quick to replace traditional ad units with native, especially if you don't have robust technology in place. Rather, start with a test placement sold via your direct sales team and learn from it. Next, select another good placement and test in a programmatic environment.

  • Evolution For Programmatic: Time To Cut Waste  in Programmatic Insider on 07/01/2014

    With programmatic gaining massive traction, industry participants are justifiably taking a hard look at whether it is delivering on its significant promise. Recent commentary has attempted to call into question the very efficiency of the process. Admittedly, there are issues, and while we can fix them, we have to first agree that it's time, and that we're willing to act. One issue in particular is critical: waste. In this context, that means the impressions marketers pay for that will never accomplish their objectives. When we eliminate waste, we allow marketers to focus on exciting aspects of programmatic media buying such as sequential storytelling and cross-screen campaign strategies. And eliminating waste allows publishers who produce the best content and attract valuable and engaged audiences to see an increase in CPMs.

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  • Evolution For Programmatic: Time To Cut Waste by Ian Davidson (Programmatic Insider on 07/01/2014)

    Thanks for the questions Ted. If the impressions exposed to a potential customer are actually seen and are being served to real humans I feel the most important challenges will have been solved, but proper frequency capping should always be considered. Consolidating your media buying is certainly an efficient way to control frequency but there are also benefits to a multi-platform or multi-vendor approach. I actually feel that premium publishers should be just as interested in eliminating waste as advertisers as it will help them get a more representative share of the marketing budgets out there than they currently get due to the amount of waste occurring. I think fixing some of the current attribution problem will help advertisers focus on the right signals and not just low cpms.

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