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Marty Orzio

Member since February 2015Contact Marty

  • Chief Creative Officer Grupo Gallegos
  • Huntington Beach California
  • 92648 USA

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  • Won In Translation in Engage:Hispanics on 02/24/2015

    Recently, I've become aware of the value of a good translation. Perhaps it would have occurred earlier in my life, say, if I had called the IT guy and he shocked me by translating his instructions, but that did not happen. I am, rather, referring to the kind of translations that we do in our agency, of advertising from English to Spanish.

  • Why Aren't More Hispanic Shops In Adland's Vanguard? in MAD on 08/26/2014

    Perspective is everything, I suppose. I began to appreciate how difficult clients have it, as most of them come from the general market as I do, and, like I did, they have to confront their own preconceptions. I went outside the general market to find the inside track.

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