• Will Snapchat Kill Spanish-language TV?
    Earlier this year, Snapchat went public in the biggest tech IPO since 2014, raising $3.4 billion to advance its vision to "empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world and have fun together."
  • Facebook Just Became The Gateway To Hispanic E-Commerce
    Last month, we opined on Amazon's rollout of their Spanish-language e-commerce site, and the massive opportunity it represents for brands trying to reach Hispanic consumers. A recent announcement by Facebook opens yet another opportunity for marketers to sell directly to the nation's largest minority via e-commerce.
  • Evangelicals Making Inroads With Latinos
    Latinos are a people of faith and for centuries that faith was Catholic. But the number of Latino Catholics is shrinking, thanks in large part to inroads by Protestant denominations, according to figures from The Pew Center, Religion & Public Life.
  • The Untapped Hispanic Market: Hispanic-owned Businesses
    By now, many marketers have heard of the tremendous opportunities the United States. Hispanic consumer represents in terms of numbers and purchasing power. However, in the age of hypersegmentation and targeting, Millennials and bi-cultural Hispanics have risen to the top of marketer's go-to Hispanic sub-segments. While most companies focus on this target, there is an untapped consumer segment that has serious growth potential, Hispanic business owners.
  • Find The Right Investment Level To Enter The Hispanic Market
    The last few years have seen an explosion in public discussion and thought leadership around best practices in Hispanic marketing. Forget the articles and white papers. And dispel the marketing myths.
  • Cinco Mega Topics
    As we near the most "archetypical" of Hispanic holidays, Cinco de Mayo, instead of getting into an exhausting explanation of why (or why not) the day is important, below are my "cinco" mega topics to keep in mind when activating Hispanic marketing.
  • Amazon Opens Its Doors To Millions Of Hispanic Shoppers
    Last month, Amazon quietly rolled out a Spanish-language version of Amazon.com and in turn, helped dispel the myth that because Hispanics are young and the majority are U.S. born, there is no reason to communicate with them in Spanish.
  • Google's Multicultural Marketing Forum Ups The Game For Hispanic Market Researchers
    For the third year in a row, Google has opened the doors of its New York office for its annual Multicultural Marketing Forum. Since its inaugural year, Google has expanded the focus of the then-U.S. Hispanic Marketing Forum to include African-American, Asian, and LGBTQ audiences. While the forum now covers more verticals, this event is still a game changer for Hispanic market researchers.
  • Unlocking Latino Wealth
    We have all heard the statistics of the huge $1.5 trillion Latino buying power but seldom do we hear or talk about Latino wealth creation. In my book, wealth is a more important long-term indicator than buying power as it is a measure of the long-term progress, well-being and freedom of a community. After all, a wealthier Latino community would have even higher levels of buying power.
  • The Debate Over 'Total Market' And Multicultural Marketing
    Last month, a debate broke out online between Jeffrey Bowman of Reframe: The Brand and the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies over the relevance of total market vs. multicultural marketing.
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