• Online Behavior: What Marketers Don't Know Could Hurt Them
    How can brands successfully use this platform to build long-term, authentic relationships with Hispanics of all backgrounds? How can marketers effectively engage them beyond a moment-in-time, click-once relationship? What does it take to win the investment of this audience so Hispanics can become future brand loyalists or, even better, brand advocates? And what exactly are the cultural and language barriers?
  • Value Vs. Vehicle: More Than 'Spanish-Language' Vehicles
    The Hispanic audience paints a very complicated scenario. Yes, these details are all important. However, there is more to understanding today's Hispanic than meets the eye, and there's more to brand engagement than demographics. And no, it's not simply the venue or good copy.
  • Search Marketing: Get Started With 5 Simple Strategies
    Marketing to U.S. Hispanics via search engine marketing (SEM) is a bit trickier than your regular SEM programs because of language and cultural considerations, but it's well worth the effort. Online U.S. Hispanics use search extensively -- and a recent study by Media-Screen found that Hispanics are more likely than the general online population to use search for sophisticated tasks such as comparing prices on products, finding coupons and rebates, and finding out about new products and services.
  • Understanding Differences In Hispanic Culture: Tips For Effective Campaigns
    One of the most important things to consider when marketing to Hispanics is the wide variety of lifestyle preferences and cultural differences that exist within the demographic. For example, younger Hispanics come mainly from Mexico while middle-aged people in this group hail primarily from Puerto Rico or Spain.