Making The Most Of '09 Marketing Spend
    Now is the time to get to work. The new year will clearly redefine winners and losers in all aspects. Your Hispanic marketing strategy can help brands to make a difference. But more than ever, it must be done right.
    New Year's Resolutions For Hispanic Marketers
    For the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry, 2009 figures to be full of old threats and new life, slowdowns and growth, and ultimately challenges and opportunities. So what better way to wade into the waters of 2009 than by setting some New Year's resolutions for advertisers, agencies and media companies.
    New Targeting Methods For Reaching U.S. Hispanics
    hile Hispanic media investment overall has grown considerably, especially television, the online ad segment has under-indexed relative to general market online spending even though the U.S. Hispanic audience is more open to brand suggestions and advertising messages, as shown in a recent eMarketer report. Will Hispanic marketers shift their investments towards online as the general market has and as new tools and targeting technologies improve?
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