• Melding The Business World With Hispanic Audiences
    Fernando Espuelas and other like-minded entrepreneurs, lead the way in illustrating the vast potential in using technological innovation to communicate with Hispanics.
  • Enter: The Nueva Latina
    Perhaps by simply understanding that she views her success through her own personal achievements, marketers will have better insights into how to communicate with this new and unique sub-segment of the Hispanic woman.
  • Must Use Spanish, Verdad? Not Necessarily!
    It's logical to think of the importance of using Spanish when communicating with and engaging the U.S. Hispanic market. But this simple approach does not work across all age groups. It has to do with fitting in, and not standing out.
  • Lost In (Machine) Translation
    Clearly, Google's powerful brand, strong credibility, and free service have lured many marketers to use Google Translate. I wonder if Google's brand would be so powerful if it used only machine translation to write the copy on its sites.
  • Engaging Hispanic Businesses
    B2B advertising has seen increased attention during the last few years, primarily resulting from the growth in digital marketing. Digital media, and specifically search engine marketing, have provided companies that sell products and services to businesses and professionals the opportunity to target their messages and offers to the right audience (usually the decision-maker or buyer) in the right industry (or companies) with a high level of precision.