• Is There Such A Thing As A U.S. Hispanic/Latino Identity Or Community?
    If in order to feel like we belong to a group and feel solidarity towards its members, acceptance, shared social experiences and an overall sense of being welcome are required agents of amalgamation, though not all present in the current construct, then the idea of a Hispanic/Latino identity, as proposed, may be a bit utopian, and even paradoxical.
  • Plug In The Hispanic Internet
    Working models for communicating with Hispanics through online venues can guide businesses over the threshold into the new age of technological advancements and a way to connect to online Latino shoppers.
  • What's Next In Social Media?
    Facebook will probably continue its supreme dominance, but when it comes to the future of social media and Hispanics, small might be the next big thing.
  • Using Personas: A 'How-To Guide'
    In this last installment of a three-part discussion on Hispanics, social media and personas, I want to take the final results and apply them in the real world of online Hispanics. A "how-to" guide to using Hispanic personas specifically and personas more generally.