• Ad Networks Multiply: What's The Difference?
    Because of this trend, a number of ad networks have opened shop to serve the needs of advertisers looking to reach these Hispanics visiting foreign (mostly Latin American) web sites. In this article, I will answer a few questions about and then compare the leading ad networks that focus on the U.S. Hispanic market.
  • How To Launch An In-Language Internet Program
    Any company that makes a serious commitment to the Hispanic market must commit to an in-language web strategy at some level. There are two ways to enter the market with an in-language web campaign, and really no in-between: passive and active.
  • An Inside Look At Multiculturalism
    When I met Jennifer Manriquez a couple of years ago, I realized that she possessed both qualities and something more. She and her family represent a new multicultural general market and are an example of why, by 2050, minorities will be the majority in the United States.
  • Hispanic Marketing Trends For 2011
    Most lists that come out this time of year take a stab at prognosticating what will happen in various industries during the next 12 months. I'm sure you thought the title of this article was a typo: Why would anyone be writing about trends in Hispanic marketing 12 to 24 months out?