• Spanish-language Television Upfront And Fall Season Discourse
    According to Nielsen's 2012 National Universe estimates of Hispanic HH's 2+, 53.3% of dwellers are between the ages of 25 and 44, a little more than half the total population. As this new generation of Hispanic Americans emerges, attitudes and behavior, especially with media consumption are changing. In the past, television was consumed by the entire family and in the form of appointment television. Typically, there was one TV in the HH and if "mom" was watching a telenovela, the entire family had to be tuned in. This is not the case today. According to Nielsen, 92% of Hispanic TV ...
  • The Growing Influence Of The American Latino
    The undeniable and growing influence of Latinos in U.S. media and culture has accelerated the interest of businesses and marketers who are looking to break through to this powerful market segment. The trillion-dollar question, however, is how to engage those Latinos whose demographics are segmented or currently under the radar.
  • A Digital Breakdown Of The 2012 Hispanic Fact Pack
    For this post I thought it would be interesting to provide a digital perspective on the recently published Ad Age Hispanic Fact Pack. From a high level, investment in the Hispanic digital medium continues to outpace investment in traditional media; however, compared to the general market, we still have a long way to go.
  • Are Hispanics Really More Social in Social Media?
    I'm just as guilty as anyone of blindly restating these supposed truisms about Hispanic digital behavior. The countless reports published over the last few years by highly reputable research firms like BIGInsight, Pew, and Nielsen, provide plenty of data points to support these claims.