• $40B In Cross-Border Latino Retail Revenue
    As the penetration rates of digital media increase, Mexican consumers will have more tools at their fingertips to compare prices online, enabling them to plan and rationalize trips to the U.S. based upon price or tax savings.
  • Mobile Ads Rise In Argentina
    As mobile Internet usage continues to grow in Argentina and Latin America, more consumers will be using their handsets to access information and interact with brands. This will present smart marketers with even more opportunities to reach consumers. Are you ready?
  • Online Publishers Get Social
    I recently had the opportunity to chat with Kevin Conroy, president of Univision Interactive Media, and Mark Lopez, COO of Terra Networks, about the current state of the Hispanic online market and how the each company is responding to the fact that Hispanics are extremely engaged with social media.
  • Look To Family Healthcare
    With over 25% of births in the U.S to Spanish-speaking parents, these children are going to be 100% bilingual, which is a great asset for our country. And, while having a multi-lingual population is a competitive advantage, we must also ensure that this population is healthy.