• Online Publishers Turn To Facebook
    At the end of the day, the Facebook phenomenon is simply too powerful to ignore. Hispanic publishers will continue to build and maintain communities there, and those that are able to proactively engage with and monetize these communities will succeed.
  • Street-level Retail Innovation In Mexico City
    It is prudent for any marketer, advertiser and brand-builder to understand the local culture and habits, including the retail landscape. And as in the case of the "Jicaleta" wheelbarrow, salsa and other food-related brands might consider using these unique mobile retail devices and branding them accordingly.
  • Reaching Latinas Through Virtual Goods
    Since many Latinas are active users of social networks and social games, and repeat buyers of virtual goods, smart marketers should craft a strategy now to reach this sought-after demographic in the virtual world.
  • Recruiting In The Digital Age
    Social platforms represent an opportunity to drive engagement through paid and earned media activity. This is critical to effectively activating Hispanic talent and getting the most out of the offline partnerships with organizations and event activations that drive highly successful Hispanic recruitment programs.