• Beyond Acculturation II
    Now, marketing to Latinos gets beyond language to consider "retro-acculturation" and cultural "swirl," taking Latino-relevant marketing into the demographic future.
  • Multicultural, Global And Mobile: Western Union
    "Thomas Friedman's 'The World Is Flat' epitomizes Western Union," CMO Gail Galuppo says. "Borders are truly fading. We have to understand consumers around the world." Its numbers reflect that. Western Union had revenue of $5.3 billion from consumers in 15,000 ethnic corridors around the world.
  • Social Comes Naturally To The Peer-Driven
    While few marketers proactively target ethnic minorities, even fewer connect through social media. This translates into a wealth of opportunities for those that can identify meaningful ways to connect.
  • Implications Of Yahoo Microsoft Search Deal
    Yahoo and Microsoft's recently announced a search partnership where Microsoft's newest search engine, Bing.com, will power Yahoo's search functions while Yahoo handles ad sales. The deal will not be fully consummated until some point in 2010, but it is important to understand the ramifications for the Hispanic online market today.
  • Build A Community Online
    Building a Hispanic online community involves shifting how most marketers think about their trade. First, you do not "launch" a social media campaign - you begin a social media effort. The difference sounds subtle, but it's not.